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Default Re: Ever been owned by a game?

Ha, my first two thoughts were Punch Out and TMNT. And Game Genie? I haven't seen those words in 12 years. Hilarious!

I seem to remember Wizards and Warriors for the NES being tough. It seemed like every time I got near the end, someone would jump or move fast across the room and the NES would reset. I'll take that feeling to my grave, forever burned in my mind.

Red Card Soccer for the Xbox was so goddamn hard. You had to beat teams made of animals, like penguins, apes, martians, etc. It was so f-ing hard, but then again it may have been fueled by my alcohol-based college days.

The two bonus rounds at the end of Goldeneye for the 64 were really tough.

Was Jaws for the NES hard or just stupid? Cant remember.

Dragon Warrior for the NES was tough too.

Ha, good memories.
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