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Default Re: Official Thread: WC Round #1 Lakers vs Nuggets

Im not looking forward to reading 20000 posts that say "Lakers are going to destroy them". That's not fun to read or hear on TV as a Denver fan but i'm looking forward to the challenge.


-Hopefully Nene's stamina and groin injury have improved to where he can give us 15 solid minutes. We'll need his defense badly. If anyone can do a great job on Pau its Nene. He's far and away our best post defender.

-Iverson is a legendary playoff performer. Lets hope he steps up to the plate. This is one series where I don't want him gambling for steals too much. Fisher likes to only hit shots vs Denver.

-Kobe is Kobe. I fear him when he passes non stop and I fear him when he takes a ton of shots. We just have to hope to cancel him out.

-A.I. vs Kobe in the playoffs for the first time in 7 years. Two of the greatest offensive players in history going at it for the 2nd time. Can't wait.
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