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Are you guys crazy? Lamar better than Magette, Lamar how long have you all been Clipper Fans? I waited and waited and waited for Lamar to reach his Potential, he has declined in Production but Magette has done nothing but improve. One other thing watch Lamar this year, he will go back in his shell, just like when he had his previous personal problems. He could'nt even play in the FIBA Games. Favr's father passed away and he played that day, Tiger's dad passed away and look at what he is doing and I myself suffered the worst lost ever felt when my father passed away and I was a real young man but I showed up to work the very next day. Excuses are acceptable to under achievers. Mark my words he will clam-up this year like he always has in the past. He can not handle pressure, look what happened everytime he had the ball in a critical situation when he was a Clipper-turnover. I was so disapointed when we traded Miles instead of Lamar, I wanted him gone so badly.
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