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Default Re: Official Thread: WC Round #1 Lakers vs Nuggets

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
Denver can play ball.
I'm afraid that they are one of those teams that waits until the playoffs to start playing defense seriously.

Lakers better come prepared to play physical take Denver out of their sync.

I'll say this, Denver has never IMO had a bad defensive series the past 4 years. Its been offense that's been the problem, and while they've had some terrible defensive games the past month+, Denver's D for most of the year was top 7 in defensive efficiency. The fact that their pace gives up like 100+ possessions was why they were giving up 103ppg most of the year. But again, their D has regressed lately (even though in some of the games they've had to have their D has come to play like vs GS and Houston recently) so I don't know.

I think the ball movement of the triangle will hurt Denver, but...
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