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Default Re: First gaming memories

My first gaming memories were when we got our first PC, and we got a cd with about 50 different games on it. It had classics like Doom on it, as well as little games like a Pinball one, and this cool karting game as well. I must have only been 8 or 9 at the time.

Also playing the SNES round my friends house. Whoever could get the most rings on Sonic was declared the winner that particular day

I remember the day I got my original Playstation as well. I can remember how excited I was as well. I played the original Gran Turismo on it religiously!

I look back on all that and think, wow, look at how technology has grown in quite a short space of time. I bet most people would laugh at you back during that time if you suggested a motion sensing console like the Wii would be made!
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