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Default Re: First gaming memories

Cicra 1982-84
When I was little, my mother would drop me and my sister off at the arcade while she shopped. I would spend a few quarters in games like Zaxxon, Space Invaders, and Defender. I also remember playing Tempest and Sprint. My sister would get a VCS but I really didn't take hold of it much. I played some games like Lock & Chase and Carnival and others I can't be bothered to remember.

Then in 1987, I would get a Nintendo Entertainment System.
My video game nerd would be born.

I got the Action set with Super Mario/Duck Hunt.
We also got Hogans Alley, Wrecking Crew, and Ice Climber.
I played these games ALL summer long. That summer I cut lawn and saved money to make my first video game purchase: Balloon Fight. I still have this game and play it to this day.

So basically all I did from middle school to now was play video games. In high school I worked at a video game sales and rental shop during the 16-bit era and got to play a ton of games and bought tons of stuff at cost. I did make some bad purchases then, like paying $230 for an Atari Jaguar and $600 the 3DO

Today, I still play my NES as well as everything up to 360 and Wii.
My favorite consoles are NES, Turbo Grafx/Duo, and all Sega consoles. If I were to be a "fanboy", I guess I would be one of Sega. Back in high school I sided with Sonic in the Sonic vs Mario feud. I prefered Genesis over SNES and Saturn over N64. All in all I still like them all and each one has their great games to play.

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