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Default Re: First gaming memories

Originally Posted by Cannonball
Did any of you guys have a dreamcast?

Yes Sir…

They were still making games for it last year (in Japan)

Trigger Heart Exelica, available on XBLA now, was an arcade game on Naomi and was ported to Dreamcast last year.

Milestone also released Karous last year and currently has an arcade game out now on Naomi which is rumored to possibly be ported to Dreamcast.

Dreamcast was a really cool machine. Lots of great arcade style games and some of the best sports games for its time too (NFL2k1, NBA2k1, Tennis 2k2) Dreamcast was also fun with multiplayer games (Chu Chu Rocket, Power Stone, Giga Wing 2).

RIP Sega (the hardware company)
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