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Originally Posted by JSub
NBA 2K > NBA Live

I seriously do not understand you NBA Live fanatics. This is such a horrible franchise. Its almost a joke, like NBA JAM style, except false-advertising as simulation basketball. Sure, its really fun if you want to dunk AT WILL with Vince Carter and drain 30 three-pointers with Ray Allen. No defense in the game can stop any of these.

The facial construction of all the players is primitive at best. Compared side by side to NBA 2K, there is ZERO competition. NBA Live is raving about the "new" feature, where players will now look towards the ball. WHOOPIE!! NBA 2K freakin' hired actors so they could motion capture the signature shooting styles of every player in the league. AND the face texturing for some of the players (i.e. Shaq) is amazing, not to mention the sweat details, tats, fluid movement of jersey cloth and the glare of the jumbo-tron on the hardwood. Superior, thats all I can stay. In ALL aspects. I cant think of a single thing Live does better other than cram sh!tty extra features into the package...trying to salvage the horrible gameplay and graphical dynamics.

I don't understand why 2k fans are always trying to convince people that 2k is better. Live fans DON'T CARE.
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