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Originally Posted by AppleNader
Question for Live fans...

have you even played the 2k series? I find it very hard to believe that a real basketball fan would not find 2k VASTLY superior to Live in every single aspect of the game. The only people who actually think Live is better than 2k are people who play only for arcade style fun and relaxation.

I played 2k5 for about a week on the PS2 while I was in China last summer and played 2k6 on the xbox360 for half a week this year.

Question for 2k fans, why do you CARE?

1.) Live is for PC, 2k isn't. So take out the people without consoles from playing 2k.
2.) PC is infinitely better, so take out people who enjoy better graphics on the PC, and the ability of PC games to always keep updated and get new player made content from playing 2k.
3.) Graphics. This year (06), live's graphics on the 360 is considered the best of sports game made, EVER.
4.) People who enjoy a fast paced game for relaxation. I don't play 48 min games, I don't wanna see scores of 10 to 10 when I play only 8 mins.

Now another question for 2k fans, how many has actually played live 07, and why would you dismiss a game from the start? Now even though I said 2k games suck, I'm still going to try 2k7 and hope for an improvement. But why the *** should I not try live. Why the hell should anyone care?
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