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Alright.Let me elaborate hmm let me take deep breath to get thoughts strait ahh.Jake has low b ball iq he looks as though he never knows where he needs to be offensively or defensively he is always lost.He has no reaction time when it comes to a person passing around him or driving by him he is always forced to foul.He is slow footed at best and that is being nice also his hands are not very soft.He has no lift,cause he is not in very good shape this leaves him out of reach on blocks he should get.His jumper is more consistent then wrights and swifts which is not saying much.He is a third string 5 at best, yes for a stretch of about 6 games last year he posted a couple of double doubles so what once he puts that together for like 50 games then come tell me he is ready to start.He is a novelty act plain and simple we only got him to bang with bigs in west and cant even do that half of the time.He routinely gets destroyed defensively.He is a big body that when on a full tank of gas might give you a good five minute stretch that leaves you wondering ''why doesnt he do this all the time''.Hakim is young, fresh ,and new full of life.Yes he is not as ''expierenced'' as jake.He makes up for that in athleticism,skill,and agressiveness.Also all reports say he finaly got a jumper.Warrik is not as big as jake ''well dur'' but jake dosent really do much with all that size either.We need to go with youth and just put the team in the hands of our young guns.We are gonna get dominated on inside with or without jake so mine as well have some potential explosiveness in there.The grizz will not make playoffs this year west has already saw to that happening,by not making more moves.So I say let gay,lowry,warrik,roberts,johnson,and pau have fun out there.Next season in 07-08 that will be our year.

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