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Originally Posted by SonOHammerwafer
Call me crazy, I see Rose as the Tyrus Thomas/Stromile Swift of PGs. He doesn't seem very bright and he shoots freethrows just as well as Shaq. I hope his jumper improves and I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

What the hell is a "Tyrus Thomas/Stromile Swift of pg's" and are you saying he's basketball IQ isn't good for a freshman guard? I think he can really become the best pg in the league. If Memphis played like e.g. some of the Big 10 teams, everyone would be raving about Rose's playmaking. Towards the end of the season he was up there with the very best in seeing the court, creating open jumpers for his teammates etc.

The way Memphis played, even if John Stockton played for them he wouldn't look like a dominating floor general. They force the tempo and wanted that from Rose too.

In leading the fastbreak, he was almost like Jason Kidd. He's also already a great passer and can drive past anyone and either finisgh himself with either hand or pass the ball to an open teammate for a three. Yes, he needs to demonstrate he can play in half court offense better and direct the half court set, but Rose is almost there already and as close to a can't miss pg prospect there is.
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