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Default Re: The YouTube Basketball topic

Originally Posted by insidehoops
If you view a youtube basketball vid that simply rocks, share it here.

Only post videos that are awesome (amazing CLEAR, non-fuzzy highlights), funny, interesting, etc.

Describe each video that you post so people know what it is before they click it. Be specific. Say what's good about it.

Also, there are two video pages on insidehoops:
NBA game video roundups and cool basketball video clips

Note: It's ok to start other new topics about a youtube video worth sharing. They don't all have to go in here. But, consider this topic to be a fun collection of great youtube basketball links that will stick around for a long time.

Jeff, Send me a message or email me ( I have a much better platform for this that I will be officially launching soon. I even made one of the threads here into a very cool feature called "Insidehoops Best dunks of the year". I also have a link to Insidehoops on the homepage so I have no problem giving you guys props and credit. The title of the site states my reasoning for creating the site.

The platform could easily become a database of basketball media at a minimum. Let me know if you want to hear more.
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