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Default Re: Round 1: #2 Pistons vs #7 Sixers

Originally Posted by final.wrath
The announcers talked about the Piston players recieving a packet of 270 pages of scouting reports on the sixers. I wonder if they all really read all of it.

The Sixers are a decent up and coming team and could steal a game or two this series if the Pistons aren't careful. However I think the Piston's depth is just too much. Maybe next year if the Sixers had a low post presence like Okafor or something they would pose a threat but as of now they are a limited fastbreak hustle team. Sheed and Maxiell should have a field day down low.

detroit's young talent is not much worse than philly's. sure iguodala is better than any young player the pistons have, but i would take maxiell, johnson, stuckey over young, smith, williams 7 days of the week.
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