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I don't think it is far to blame Cheeks. The players just don't fit in great with eachother. AI is a great scorer, but he isn't a true point guard. He has a tendency to shoot too much and at times it seems like players stand around watching him. He also can become a liabilty on defense. The other AI is a strong defender, but he needs to work on his offensive game. His jump shot is very inconsistent. Korver is a great shooter, but he doesn't do much else. His defense is terrible. To give him credit he tries hard on D but he just isn't capable of playing good D. Webber has turned into mainly just a jump shooter. He's not the same C-Webb. He relies too much on his midrange jumper instead of taking it downlow, probably because of injuries. And lastly, Dalembert is a waste of size. He blocks shots, but that's about it. On offense, basically if he's not dunking the ball, he's not gonna score. On defense, he tries to block shots so often that he gets called for a ton of goaltends (led the league with 24 goaltends last season). He's a good off the ball defender in a sense, because his long wingspan and jumping ability help him block shots, but he's not a great one-on-one defender. Lastly, the Sixers really have no bench. AI and Webber at times are really the only two guys on the team that you can give the ball and expect them to be able to take their defender and score. Iguodala should be able to be another one of those guys but it doesn't seem like he has progresses a lot and he gets limited touches. Korver (except for his 3 ball) and Dalembert are weak on offense and Iguodala is the team's only good overal defender (Dalembert can be at times). The Sixers only hope is if they trade AI and try to start over. He's getting older, and once he loses his quickness, his game will start to breakdown. If the Sixers keep AI, they won't have a chance in hell to win a title with him.
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