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Default Re: First gaming memories

I remember playing Mario Bros and Original Zelda on NES when I was about 3 or 4. Unfortunately, I was too young to grab the concept of running and jump timing in Mario, and I would just go exploring and get myself stuck somewhere in Zelda. But being 3 or 4, I didn't know any better, so it's pretty cool when I played those 2 games about 2 years ago and was able to beat the game. I remember getting SNES and I watched my Bro beat Mario World... That was the first time I've ever seen a video game get beaten and it eventually became the first video game I've ever beaten. I started to cry after beating Bowser in that clown balloon or whatever you call it for the first time. I also remember kicking the crap out of Doom when it first came out.

I remember how happy I was when I got a N64 for my birthday. I also got Diddy Kong Racing, NBA Courtside 2, and Goldeneye. Goldeneye is one of my all time favorites. I became really good at that game. I almost got every single cheat(still had a hard time with the Facility cheat). I was able to beat Aztec on 00 Agent.

It took me about a year after it came out to finally get a PS2. Played my all time favorite game, GTA SA(Can't wait till 4).

Finally got myself a 360 about 2 months ago. Now, I play the sh*t out of Guitar Hero 3 and eventually, GTA4. It's crazy how video game technology developed. You went fromsomething so simple like pong, to something as complex as CoD4, GTA4, even GH3... Who knew I would be having so much fun with a plastic guitar with 5 fret buttons?
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