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Originally Posted by KB8tHeGrEaT
That was the real trade the pacers said will do if harrington went to indiana which he did we get a big three point shooting guard in jasikevious which is perfect in the triangle and a true big man in jermaine o'neal we kill two birds with one stone its all we needed a big guard and a big man just imagine the starting line up sarunas jasikevious Kobe vladrad J'Oneal and mihm even though i want mihm to go and keep brown can you say championship contenders!!! Hopefully the pacers do plan to do the trade because both teams win with the trades Kobe mvp in 07 for sure if they get o'neal or garnett somehow and finally kobe wont have to waste his prime years with mediocre laker teams Lakers b*tch!!!!!

Please provide a link for this trade rumor.
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