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Default Who's your favorite video game character?

Who's currently your favorite video game character? Who was your favorite when you were younger?

Here's mine.

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All creatures big and small owe their lives to this legendary adventurer. Link's list of accomplishments sprawls longer than we could even begin to list here, but he is most well known for his vital role in keeping Ganon, The King of Evil, safely locked away in the Dark World.

Some of Link's most famous accomplishments include rescuing Princess Zelda on multiple occasions, saving the citizens of Termina from certain demise, as well as freeing the island of Koholint from savage monster attacks. Humble to the end, Link is known not merely as a hero but as a symbol of courage, strength and wisdom as well. Tales of his bravery will never cease, and his legend will never ever die.
And as a kid:

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