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If they do trade Garnett, Chicago is the only place that makes sense right now.

not really... Chicago isn't suitable for KG, it's not that KG isn't suitable for Chicago, it's the other way round... it's hard to explain...

KG can go to Cleveland, a team which needs leadership... Big Z + Marshall for KG sounds like a good deal, maybe just a few other players here and there to make both teams perfect...

Rebuilding the T-wolves takes more than just one off-season, they need to constantly get good young talents, then slowly breed them into superstar-drom, like what the Suns did to Boris Diaw... it's a slow process... they made the mistake early this season, trading away Wally Szcerbiak, not re-signing Latrell Sprewell and trading Cassell for Jaric... they were very good with their old line-up, maybe just adding Eddie Griffin into the starters would make the team unstopperble, offensivly and defensively...
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