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I like LeBron James' signature shoe line the best, out of currently active players. Not a fan of Carmelo Anthony's ".5" line, but the "Melo 3" looks like some nice, fresh ideas for him. I love all of Allen Iveron's shoes until the Answer V rolled around, since then it's been downhill for me. Kobe Bryant's signature shoe didn't really do anything for me, although I am a very big fan of the Huarache 2K5. I liked all five of Vince Carter's signature shoes, I've only skipped the II's and V's, but I'm probably gonna pick-up the V's for cheap soon. The IV's were great, especially in the Raptors colourway. I like the looks of Wade's first signature shoe, but I've heard they're not the greatest. I played in his player edition of the Icon Pro Leather last summer and loved those, though. Marbury's kicks... $15.00? I've gotta be suspect about the quality on those. I think I'll stick to Zoom Air, thanks.
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