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Originally Posted by knickscity
they like Fratello. He aint going nowhere.

Im trying to figure out who "they" is...

I know its not really the fans. They dont like him or hate him. Its mostly indifferent.

I know its not really the players. Most dont hate him, but now that Battier is gone I dont know who really vocally supports Frattello other than maybe Jake because of all the minutes tossed his way last year. But no one can understand Jake when he talks. And Im willing to bet you wont get any of the young guys begging to keep him.

The only person that might fall into this category is West, but through all the interviews with the Appeal this summer you can tell Jerry got annoyed and frustrated quickly with Frattelo's stubborn ways.

Frattello is for sure not coming back after this year because his contract is out and no one is talking about an extension. Thats why I believe its not out of the question to think he might be asked to leave early.
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