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Default what Sensible trade needs to happen for us to get over that first round hump?

hey my fellow sacramento fans..... i dnt really like our current roster right now i mean its ok because there werent much changes and the chemistry is still there the guys finally know how to play with each other but i think we still need that some sort of a mind booster trade that could make us a better team.... heres my Sensible trade that should be recognised and would/will help the team...... ronie price and potepanko(expiring contract) for melvin ely??? cuz we got douby........ or i feel as of ya have to sacrafice somthings if u want to be contenders sooooo.....sign bonzi for one year (forget bout the tax maloofs cheap skates) and trade bonzi for sumthing very valuble and that could make us instant contenders and a championship caliber team

post yours and tell me what u think bout mine kings for life
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