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Default Re: Round 1, Lakers @ Nuggets, Game 3, Sat 5:30pm ET

the fans will get into the Lakers players... it'll be interesting to see how Kobe reacts... usually in a hostile environment, Kobe will come up deferring to his teammates, trying to get them involve early. Now, if Lakers are down more than 6-8 points early in the game, he is probably going to start shooting... might not be the best interest for the Lakers, but if all he need is a shot or two to go in, and he can take over.

Hopefully, Lamar can be a factor in this game, seeing how he only play 20 minutes in game 2.

As for Nuggs, with the home crowd behind ya, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't want to make this game a 120+ pts contest. Forget trying to slow down the Lakers, just run, catch, and shoot. The only way to beat the Lakers is to beat them early, beat them often, and give Kobe & co. no chance to come back in the second half.

If this game comes down to the wire, I don't think Enver will have a chance.
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