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Default NBA 2K7.... glitch?

I'm not sure if this is a glitch, or if this is just the perfect storm of random luck, but I thought I'd share this with you...

I started an association with the T-Wolves, and immediately shipped out Ricky Davis, Kevin Garnett, Mark Blount, etc. to clear cap room and start rebuilding.

I picked up Bynum, Al Jefferson, and several top draft choices. I signed Delonte West for my mid level exception..

So this takes place over a few seasons. I picked up a few top draft picks with my poor record and draft two good SG"s and a real good PF, and a so-so SF with a late 1st rounder.

So anyways, after a few seasons of this, something weird happened.... I end up with the #5 pick in the draft, I draft a point guard, with range.. I go through my off season, and the next thing I know, all my player ratings have gone up.

Randy Foye is a 98, my SG is a 99, Bynum is a 94, Jefferson a 96. KWAME BROWN is an 88! That SF I picked up? Went from a 72, to an 88. My other SG I drafted is a 94. Delonte West is a 98! He has a 94 rating from three point land.

So Ok, I've seen ratings go up a couple and come right back down again, so I figure maybe it'll go away...

I sim a whole season and end up winning 60 games. Next season 69 games!

This is so weird, but funny. I traded away my backup SG, and that SF for Lebron James.

I don't know what the hell's going on, but this is quite funny.

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