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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
OK, I wasn't doggin on ya, I'm just curious, combined with the Raptor-Bosh love here on the boards 24-7.

The Raptor Love you suggest takes place because the Raptors have the most fans by far on these boards, so naturally when something good happens, it gets discussed. As well, we have about 2-3 fans that take it way too far and basically just cause alot of hate for the team because they exaggerate things.

The Raptors are still rebuilding, and have some tremendous young pieces in place which is why they were extremely competitive last year. However, they couldn't seem to get over that hurdle to propel them to a few more wins. I think with some added experience, some defense, and a few more solid moves by GM Bryan Colangelo, we should be in contention for the 8th spot in the East next year.
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