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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Mike James was a good defender in Detroit, maybe he stopped. Ran the Press with Hunter really well. Even called them the Pitbulls.

Mo Pete is a solid perimeter defender?

Isn't Bosh good in the post?

Seems like you have some defensive pieces.

Mike James was an average defender here, wouldn't say he stood out. Morris Peterson is definately a solid defender, he would be our only real player with solid defense in him. Chris Bosh struggles on defense most of the time because of his stature, he gets banged around alot which is why he's probably considered a below average defender. Charlie Villaneuva, our starting small forward, is a down-right awful defender, but an absolute beast on the offensive end. And our center, whom we didn't really have, was either Pape Sow - a pretty good defensive player whom picks up fouls, or Rafael Araujo - a pretty awful defensive player whom picks up fouls.

Either way, it all adds up to a very weak defensive team.
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