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Default Re: Xbox 360 Blue-ray Player

Originally Posted by Aldridge Fan
Looks like Microsoft may be releasing a Blue-ray player in May possibly. This would be nice since I just bought a 42 inch plasma HDTV. Can't wait. This will be great for movies. I hope it's not too expensive. Anybody know what the price will be?

I hooked up a HDMI cable for my Xbox360 and man, that makes a huge difference in quality compared to the composite (SD) cables. My older TV didn't have HDMI slots and had to use composite (SD). I've been using composite (SD) with my new TV as well for a week and realized that I can now use HDMI. I tell you, it's a major difference! Do it if you can.
Holy crap yeah it will make a diff. all you had before was 480i! Now you're on at least 720p.

Hey make sure you're on the highest res that your tv can handle. Go to the system tab on your 360 and go to console and then display. And start at 1080p and if it blacks out don't touch anything and then it will revert to the last setting.

Keep going down the list to get the highest res.

If the blu-ray player add on is around 150-200 and I have my new tv I'll buy it for sure...
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