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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
Sorry for another OT guys, but read this before it gets deleted.

Here is our conversation:

Ced: "How are you going to be sweep off your feet when you are morbidly obese? There ain't not Arnies in here."

Suga: "hey man, that was uncalled for. Do you think i want to be this way. Unfortunitely, half of it is due to big bones, but i am trying, i go biking everyday."

Ced: "You should try not eating you lardass. The money you are going to cost the health system is huge, almost as huge as you. Why don't you take up smoking? That's good for weight lose I hear."

I am one cruel SOB.

You must have one hell of a life when you can sit around and call people names on the internet, first me now some girl, wow I wish I was you.
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