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Default Re: Round 1, Lakers @ Nuggets, Game 4, Monday 10:30pm ET

Originally Posted by Laker4Lyfe
I only hope that Norm Nixon is not correct in his thinking that if the Nuggets get down and it looks like they are gonna lose that they will try to intentionally hurt one of our players.

I wouldn't think AI or Melo would do anything like that. However I would not put it past Martin or Smith.

That's why I don't think Kobe or Gasol should play at all the last quarter or 2 if we have the lead. Pau is fairly soft and he can get hurt easily. Kobe isn't soft but he has the likeliest chance of getting hit by one of the Thuggets. I was really nervous when Kobe/Pau both came into the game in the 4th quarter last game when we had the blowout win in the bag. I hope Phil Jackson takes that into consideration when setting the lineups after each timeout. As soon as the crowd and Thuggets start to get wilder, TAKE OUT your stars. Better to be safe than sorry(Especially if we got the win in the bag).
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