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Default Re: Who will be the first Filipino to play in the NBA

July 18th-21st Iap sports is holding Canada's first 5 star basketball International recruitment camp/tournament..... there will be 36 teams, each team will have 10 players and each team will have a coach from a university or college from both the US and or Canada.

The event is held to get everybody noticed and everybody seen... We have organized it so it gives you a college feel. That means there will be chances you wont know anybody on your team an thats exactly how its gonna be when you sign d1, d2 or go to another juco.

All your games will be taped by us an you have the option of asking us to make a highlight tape to put on your profile, which will be located on our site. ( All games will be put on our IAP sports TV web-site so you can build your own fan base an grab the attention you deserve.

You'll already be getting noticed from the coaches that are coaching you or coaching against you, or even the coaches that are just gonna be there to watch you play.

There will be 2 Canadian based live television programs there in Global TV(The Score), and Rogers which will be there for sure.

In regards to the material things, you will be getting 2 uniforms or possible reverse able uniforms. You will be given a number that will label you an direct coaches to the player they want to see.

Your guaranteed 6 games in your division and than playoffs. Its a 32 team playoff which means 16 games on each playoff bracket. Its one game knock-out so make sure you come hard.

This will all be held at the Hoop Dome, the all-star game, three point and dunk contest will be at York and or Ryerson University..... and the championship game will be at the ACC. ( Yes the home of the raptors )

To register is $150

This event is invitation based cause we need to promise the coaches quality athletes so that they come out here on a year in year out basis but anyone can register. People with invitations are just guaranteed to participate.

* To people who do not live in Canada speak with me and we'll arange transportation cost and hotel fee's an the best possible rate. We will also be sponsoring athletes as well to make life easier on athletes. As of right now your only focus will have to be your transportation out here (i.e. plane ticket or greyhound ticket, and your registration fee. Food, transportation and hotels we have covered.)

** I will also like to announce that this event will be turned into a television series with 4 selected atheletes. This means that if you are chosen you will have a camera on you at all time watching you every move an action to broadcast your experience. Deadline to register is May 21st and registers is filling up Extremely so contact me ASAP

President of IAP sports,

Contact Information are as follows;

Event site;
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