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1st thing I'd do is get rid of the useless coach.
2nd: Do everything to try and keep AI, Melo, Kleiza, + J.R..and maybe Khouba because he is kool like dat.
3rd: Get rid of players like KMart , Camby ,Nene , AC , and Chucky Atkins(thank god).

Then, try and sign Andre Miller back for the point guard situation which has been looking horrible for Denver. I'm pretty sure that Andre Miller is still bitter towards Karl and that they haven't spoken to each other ever since the trade, but if they can get rid of Karl then maybe he'll want to come back. I hear Andre Miller has a sweet tooth, maybe Denver can try to bribe him and send him some soft baked butter-scotch chocolate chip cookies that say "We're Sorry" or "We miss you, and we're so desperate, won't you please come back?".

Next, try to get free agent Antawn Jamison who is a productive lowpost scorer with great outside game to replace Nene/KMart....this guy is 6'9, averaging 21 ppg, 10 rpg, and can shoot from the 3-pt line.
In other words, he can do everything Nene and KMart, but better! Yup, you won't be seeing this guy missing nearly entire games each and every season due to injuries. Did I mention he can shoot the 3's?

Last, but not least, maybe try and sign Ron Artest? I know he isn't the most popular guy out there, but this guy is a great defender and can definetly shoot the ball. If they do bring him in, then at least we all won't have to suffer through AC having to guard the opposing teams best player anymore.

This whole thing brings Denver's luxury tax for next year at around $500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000..., but who cares because the owner is filthy rich, right?

If they do what I've posted then next year Denver = Championship..(or get out of the 1st round, but only to get swept in the 2nd..JK).

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