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Thunder it DOWN, Dion!
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......Ohio is where this cat is at,
If I'm on ISH then you know it's mo chatter about this and that,
You know,
How my flow fall flat Cassie's act,
So I apoligize to the threadstarter...this ain't no swagger jack,
Just me about set apart the opinions from the facts,
Carry the double-gauge for protection from a swagger jack,
Yep, this is my time,
Matter of fact,
Every 10 minutes I produce a hot rhyme,
Just check my last post with the "Bathing Ape" line,
And by the way,
I'm sure you know...I'm still waiting for a competent quotable,
No matter snitch or hoe,
I spit shells faster than a calico,
So you lames know you can't mobb my kind,
You looking at a n*gga with a John Gotti mind...less the time spent,
GMC is where you find my crew on a rusty steel bench,
We stay grilled out from the mouth to the whip,
Somebody taebo this skit cause I do this sh*t for kicks....
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