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Default Re: Big Board of Top 115 NBA Draft Prospects, by Position, w/Analysis

Originally Posted by TB3
After Mayo and Gordon, and maybe CDR, the shooting guard position looks like a bunch of borderline 1st round-2nd round picks.

what about courtney lee? buddinger? bill walker?

i am starting to wonder if im crazy or if some of you do your talent evaluations by watching sportscenter & reading mock draft lists- courtney lee is way closer to oj than alot of people must think- only difference may be that lee has an inch or two on oj- dont get me wrong, im a huge oj fan and watched nearly every telivised sc gam- i believe mayo is a stud and a legit top 10 pick- but no lock to be top 5

lee will be a starting 2 gaurd in the nba- will gordon be a starter? sixth man?- i feel gordon will be a good nba scorer, but in no way is he a lock to be the star some of you sportcenter anylists see him as
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