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I usually hit open layups
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hope everyone has chilled out now
i admit my post was a bit flippant and
i have thought about penny going back to
memphis to play out his career in memphis.
but i dont think he would be a much of a contributor but
more of a curiousity at this stage in his career.
saying that, i was one of his biggest fans in memphis
and orlando and wish he hadn't had injury problems because
he was a really dynamic shooting guard.
but i was completely serious about dejuan wagner. i read
in truth n rumors 5 teams are taking a hard look at him.
he is just 23 and his health problems seem to be over now.
oh yeah, saw Deangelo last night too...i always thought that
other than reggie bush he was the best back in the draft and he
should have gone in the top 10..he is gonna tear up the league
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