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Default Re: Kevin Durant Thread: Help Document his Rookie Year as a Sonic

That really sucks that the Sonics will be relocated next year. I think this franchise have a bright future, and it's been a great job building your team around a 19 yrs.old, who is already proven that he can be a go to guy for this team especially in the 4th quarter.

I think because of Durant's jump shot he might become a more explosive scorer in his prime, and he can definitely create his own shot, that is why if he gained 15-20 lbs it's pretty difficult to stop him from scoring.

He is a legit 6-9, and I think next year he will probably play the SF position, and i expect him to average more than 8 rpg in the regular season because he have a decent height advantage over the opposing team's defender.

Mark my words he would be much better than Tracy Mcgrady in his prime, and he is going to be the rival of Lebron as the next Best Player in the NBA.
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