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Default Next year'z pretenders or contendors

Curious to know what your guy's opinions ares. Basically, I'm listing my top 4 contendors, and ones who don't stand out but are recognized as so.

1. Florida - Self Explanatory. Bringing back whole core of young players, defending champs.

2. Kansas - Bill Self is starving. Has faced great criticism concerning his intellect and ability to coach. I feel this is hiz "breakout" year. He finds Jesus, listens to the classic Rocky 4 CD, studies hard at all the fundamentals in B-ball, gains that competitive edge and devotes all attention into not quitting and letting the Robinson/Chalmers/Rush/Wright group ACHIEVE.

3. UNC - This is a well known favorite, but IMO I highly doubt them. It mostly has to due with a competitive ACC/doubt/highexpectations/inexperience etc. but Tywon Lawson may probably ruin their chemistry. Him and whether or not Hansbrough improves sufficiently are my key insecurities when recognizing them as true title contendors. Terry, too. I have faith in roy but North Carolina winning 2 titles in 3 years will NOT happen.

4. Wisky - Ok bold choice, will probably be criticized but I've been VERY high on Alando Tucker. When they were eliminated, you saw how freakin incredible Arizona played. With the temporary downfall of Illinois and MSU, the Big 10 will not be too difficult to overcome and tOSU is a major pretendor.


1. tOSU - The biggest one of them all. Will Greg Oden average 20/10? No. Dials is a bigger impact on the team than this guy can possible be. Foster just got hot, and though he playz good defense, I would take a certain Jamar Smith over him. Prediction, Sweet 16 in tourney TOPS.

2. UCLA - More or less depends on Farmar's decision but Ben Howland's coaching strategy will be countered more and more adequately once the Pac10 coaches comprehend the defensive system. They were great last year, but the road is difficulty. However, they still win the Pac 10 probably.

3. LSU - Loss of Tyrus Thomas, enough said. Big Baby is sweet, but come on the interior intimidation and stuffing TT provided was vital for LSU's little escapade last season. Sweet 16, maximum.

4. Pitt - I'm a huge BE fan and I have to put up with a bunch of raunchy Panther fans constantly. Yes, Krauser was a cancer to your team late in the season, but I doubt Fields rises to the occasion and gets you the 20 points he should be able to. Guys like Benjamin won't do well anyway. With gray leaning towards leaving, ***** outta here with that Top 10 next year stuff you guys think you might achieve.
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