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Originally Posted by Mile High Crew
Top 10

1. Resign J.R. Smith

2. Focus on draft with 1st rnd. 20th pick, get Roy Hibbert (C from Georgetown) if he's not available, get Brandon Rush (SF/SG from Kansas),

3. Need to let go Camby, Najera, Carter, and maybe Diawara.

4. Go after a good undrafted free agent in a Josh Duncan (PF from Xavier), .

9. Jose Calderon would be a nice addition for the Nuggets bench to back up Andre Miller.

10. Next Years Line Up
C- Nene/Roy Hibbert/Sasha Kaun
PF- Kenyon Martin/Josh Duncan/Lorenzo Mata-Real
SF- Camelo Anthony/Linas Kleiza
SG- Allen Iverson/J.R. Smith/Chucky Atkins
PG- Andre Miller/Jose Calderon

i love where your head is at in knowing jr is very important to retain- as well as making sure we use the draft this year- i like hibbert, but personally dont see brandon rush as someone who can make an impact for the nugs- i really hope that the nugs do anything possible to bring in 2 or more rookies- westbrook is the perfect future nug, and there may be a good group of bigs with hibbert or ajinca and maybe dorsey- this is the year we need to get younger

why get rid of najera? and i definitly dont want to just give camby away- i think he may be the key piece needed to move iverson and kmart, but i dont think he should be given away- i also would like to see diawara brought back as long as the price is right

i really really like your pick of josh duncan- i see him as a combo of klieza and a carlos boozer- duncan could definitly fit in on the nugs as a pf or even some sf- i love ucla and mata-real, but im not sure he is an nba player(i hope he is)

as far as pg i dont see any way possible to aquire both andre and calderon- im not sure either will be attainable- in a time where everyone seems to want a pg, both of these players are likely thought of as top 10 point gaurds and we would be lucky to grab one(prefferably calderon)- philly will likely try hard to resign andre nd the raptors have said over and over that they will resign calderon at any cost

iverson does not help keep any double teams away from melo as he is not a shooter- the way to keep some double teams away from melo imo would be playing jr or even klieza and another player that can make a 3 at pg-

thanks for your well thought out response, i really like some of your thoughts(i really wondered if i was the only josh duncan fan)
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