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Default What are good GameCube games?

I picked a Gamecube off ebay for 40 bucks, came with a bunch of weird games, most notably Mario Kart which is really why i got the system. gonna run a train on that and the other games that came with it but i was wondering if there were any "don't miss" games out there- i've never played game cube and have no idea what was the big hits for it. I hate first person shooters and fighting games. I like adventure games (zelda, original metroid, monkey island, grim fandango, mario bros) and sports games (fifa, madden) and some oddball ones too (mario party, monkey ball) and some strategy games (civilization is reallyt he only one i love). The system also came with this ninja turtles game that looks like it's cooperative story line game- LOVE those, anything that isn't split screen especally (River City Ransom etc).

Anyone have any recommendations based on my tastes? thanks.
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