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All but Yao Ming.

Funny how Yao gets new teammates almost every year.

Rafer Alston- A shoot first PG, has to learn to pass or be traded.

You're talking about Mike James. I dont mind Alston. He's a good ball-distributor, but he has NO shot, which is all the Rocket role players need to do. Make the open J. He also needs to cut back on his turnovers. Many of them are unforced.

Stromile Swift - for whoever we can get for him.

Even though Stro turned out to be a bust, at the time, he was a valued commodity. Tons of teams in the league were after him and were willing to pay much more than the MLE. No harm done by signing him since he doesnt have a bad, untradable contract. I think the main problem with this guy is that he doesnt fit into the Van Gundy style of play. He still has a ton of upside.
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