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Default Who would you rather see: Boston or Atlanta?

Watching the Atlanta-Boston game tonight in game six, I got to thinking which team I'd rather see in round two. Conventional wisdom says that we should be rooting for the Hawks to pull off the upset in game seven. We would get home court advantage and we would probably be heavy favorites.

However, I'm not sure I see it that way...

First of all, watching Boston fail in trying to defend against Joe Johnson leads me to the obvious question:

If the Celts are having this much trouble slowing down JJ (even when throwing double teams and focusing its defense his way), what is going to happen when they have to see LeBron every night? I think that Boston's defense is vastly overrated and, frankly, I don't know how they are going to deal with LeBron.

Secondly, Atlanta is playing really well right now. They seem to be surging while Boston looks on the verge of crumbling. It really seems like two teams going in opposite directions.

Lastly and possibly most importantly, we've had to deal with constant snide comments about how the Cavs had the easiest road to the Finals in NBA history last season. This year, we were given no shot to beat Boston in the playoffs and many people were picking Washington to beat the Cavs.

To face Atlanta in the second round would assuredly start the same kind of chatter.

Meanwhile, an upset series win over the Celtics would put an end to any idea of skating into the Finals.

I see a team that is very beatable and a team that has a huge reputation (undeserved, imo). Not only would Atlanta be a tough series, but even if we were to beat them, no one would give the Cavs any credit for it.

Call me crazy, but I want Boston.

What my fellow Cavalier fans think?
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