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They both O.K. Depending on what you wanna see. If you wanna see an exciting team that could be in position to win every game go for A.I. type. That would increase ticket sales and your win loss column. Penny or wagner would only last a few games. Nobody wants to watch a team lose. Those guys right now can't play. Wagner just got off surgery for something in his stomach. Penny just over the hill. Play burkes. he played in memphis if you want the memphis player approach. By the way did Lorenzen help increase sales? Not from the games I saw. Question number 2 why are the games that feature players like D wade, kobe, lebron, carmelo higher then the other games. That to me is your teams problem. they spending a little too much energy boosting other teams players, when they need to focus on their own marketing. No other team in the league does that except the perrenial losers like atl,tor,. Even the knicks and magic don't do that. What's up with that? I really want the Griz fans to respond to that.
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