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Originally Posted by IlliniFan
Its not the offense that im worried about really. Our defense has been horrible...We always get down by 40 and teams start putting in their backups on offense. Its really embarassing. I actually got excited when we won our first 2 games but that quickly faded when we lost the rest. I think one of teams we beat was good. Rutgers? i dont know.
Well, the good news, I guess, is that after ranking at or near the bottom in the nation in almost every defensive stat, there truly is nowhere to go but up.

We've signficantly upgraded our speed and athleticism on defense with the '06 class, maybe even moreso than offense. Juco transfers Justin Sanders (safety) and Antonio Steele (linebacker) have already earned starting jobs and will immediately make our defense better. I hope Melvin Alaeze (DE) gets his NCAA Clearinghouse stuff taken care of quickly and can get on the field, because he's a beast. He's capable of being a contributor immediately, and it all starts up front, so not having him would suck. Doubly so, because or DTs are gonna suck, still.

So with Justin Sanders and Justin Harrison, I feel good about our safeties, but the big wildcard to me is whether or not any of the stud freshmen CBs can contribute this year. It's a hard position to play as a freshman; I've been hearing good things about Vontae Davis, though.
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