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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by qwerty
Who's this Ater Majok guy? Is he another athletic shotblocker(like Thabeet), or does he have some type of an offensive game?

On tape and others comments, Majok is going to be a monster for us and our program. He is long and can play some defense. His footwork...for a big man is freaking scary!! He is like Hakeem, only in a smaller frame. The brother has more moves than Shakira. And his jump shot...smooth. Of course, the big question I have is; will he be assertive or passive? God knows we need someone on our program that will dominate the game like Ray Allen use to. The way Donyell Marshall did.The way Richard Hamilton took over games. We need someone that will say; "get me the dang ball!!"

Here is a clip of Majok in action.

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