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Default Re: What are good GameCube games?

I had a thread on this a while ago. There's some interesting games that came out only on Gamecube from some popular series'.

There's about 4 Zelda games:

1. Twilight Princess
2. The Wind Waker
3. The Collectors edition (awesome disc)
4. Four Swords

Technically there's 5, since if you pre-ordered Wind Waker, you could get the Ocarina of Time disc with the Master Quest on it.

There's also Twin Snakes, part of the Metal Gear series.

Resident Evil 4 made it to Gamecube.

There's all those Prince of Persia games. (they rock)

I heard that the Final Fantasy isn't good as a first person game, because it was pretty much built to be a multiplayer game with a GBA link.

Tomb Raider anniversary came out on Gamecube.

There's a few Mario games that are supposed to be really good.

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