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this is still so shocking that is seems g karl may return, but-

if d'antoni is available we need to jump all over it- bring d'antoni back to denver and give him a real team this time and i see the perfect fit- was kronke the owner during d'antoni's first stint with the nugs??

now i understand that some of you will make the argument for a defensive coach, but my argument to that is

the nugs only "pretend" to be a full out fast break team- imo the reality is that the nuggets just play with no real structure and rely on one on one offense and runouts- that is no system imo

installing d'antoni's system would likely require replacing iverson with a point gaurd- but besides pg the nugs have the peices to take the suns offense to a whole new level- while everyone is slowing down and sizing up we could become clearly the best offensive team by utiizing the roster we have- defense imo is fixed with respect for the coach and better team chemistry- the players just simply have to try harder- and oh yeah we need to start with better defense at the gaurd spots so that the rotations dont begin withing the first 5 seconds of the shot clock

d'antonis system imo would be perfect for jr& klieza and i truelly believe that carmelo would fit in and become a tripledouble type player at times- could klieza play a marion type pf in that system? (klieza imo is a very good rebounder and would be an impossible cover for most every pf in the league)

d'antoni coaching chicago or ny would be a complete waste- but then again so would karl staying in denver another year

i like the idea of mark jackson as an nba coach and belive he could and would draw the attention and respect of melo- but for now d'antoni has to be #1 on the coaching wishlist
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