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Default Team USA 2003 "Tournament of the Americas" : 10 - 0

Many people forget about Team USA 2003. This was the team that followed up the abysmal 2002 showing, which America finished 6th in the FIBA world championship. A team which was comprised of: Ben Wallace, Michael Finely, Baron Davis, Jermaine O'Neal, Paul Pierce ... yuck. Anyway, this team went 10 - 0, and met with Argentina twice. The first time they won by 2, and in the final game... they absolutely blasted Argentina 106 - 73. This team, IMO, was one of the better ones put together. It was the only team that has featured Tracy McGrady, who was incredible for Team USA that summer. I remember one play against Puerto Rico, where McGrady was getting elbowed again and again by a Puerto Rican ball handler, and McGrady was taking the shots to the chest and then the chin. Suddely, McGrady uses his long arms ... slaps the ball away from the player, goes all the way down court looks back and holds the ball out for the player. Then dunks it. It was one of the most hilarious moments in World basketball I have ever seen. Right afterwards Mc and the guy got into a scuffle when Mac was comming back up the court, and VC came in and helped out his cuz. It was an awesome moment. But, what I was trying to say was ... that team was probably the best USA team since 1992. Their level of competition was way more stiff than anything from '92 - 2002, and yet they still dominated, even the best of teams. I'm hoping we can back to that once we get in these medal rounds, starting tonight.

This post is serving as a tribute to that team, and wondering if anyone else here watched them play? And do you have any found memories? The scary thing is, the team was supposed to have Kobe on it.. but he had the knee and shoulder surgery, so VC took his spot. The team could've been even more dominating. Here was their roster:
Jason Kidd / Allen Iverson / Mike Bibby
Ray Allen / Vince Carter
Tracy McGrady / Richard Jefferson
Jermaine O'Neal / Kenyon Martin / Nick Collison
Tim Duncan / Elton Brand

To me, that is one of the better built FIBA basketball teams we have seen, and should be a pattern for future ones. It has a mix of distributing PGs, people who can move w/o the ball, slashers, shooters, defenders, big men. Very good lineup if you ask me. Would've been even more dominating if Kobe got to play.
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