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Default Melo vs. Lebron

Even though Melo has beaten Lebron and the Cavs more times than not, Melo has lost the trust of the fans and i think even his teammates. He has been involved in many controversial disputes and his play on the court is not one of a leader. I am a nuggets fan, but sometimes Melo frustrates me because of the stress level he puts not just on himself, but to the Nuggets Organization. If you ask anyone who would they rather have on their team Melo or Lebron a 99% response would be Lebron. You know why that is, it is because of the leadership that Lebron brings and even Dwyane Wade can be picked over Melo.
It's all about what that player brings to the team. D-Wade won a championship, Lebron led his teams to the finals, and Melo complains about himself in not being able to be voted into the all-star game a year ago when they put him as a reserve.
When will Melo stop and think about what he is doing to himself and to his teammates. I thought he said he was going to be a new Melo after his son Kyan was born.
I hope Melo will become a leader next season, and hopefully we as fans won't have to keep saying "Melo needs to become a leader" every single year just like the past few years.
For now I'll take Lebron over Melo anyday.
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