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Default Re: Who Gets Traded???

Aww Yeah, I forgot about the stupid lottery thing.

I didn't know they couldn't trade till draft day. Thats dumb. They should be able to trade after the final game of the NBA Finals. I think it would make the off season a lot more interesting.

Ok, I'll stir up a good momento LOL

Uhh...nothing that great

I just looked at I know, they suck but they got me extremely excited. They have Portland selecting Russell Westbrook out of UCLA. The back up to Collison. IMO, he has more upside than Collison and he is also a tall point guard with good defense, handles, passing ability but not very strong but that will probably chage. If Portland could get Oden back up to 275 after he's back in shape then I think they can get this 185 pound kid up to a chizzled 200 pounds.

I still say screw Calderon. He would be a great addition if we could do it but if Toronto wants Outlaw and a first round pick then skip him. There are enough talented young point guards in the draft.

Derrick Rose
Jerryd Bayless
Russell Westbrook
DJ Augustin
Mario Chalmers
Ty Lawson

All have the ability to be stars at the next level.
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