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Default Re: Who do we want in RETURN???

Honestly, I'd like to add a young point guard via the draft or Jose Calderon but not if we lose Travis Outlaw and I'm sure Pritchard and Nate feel the same way as me. The only player that I'd trade Outlaw for is Danny Granger. Andre Miller would be a good short term solution, but he will want to much money and probably to many years for the Blazers to think about him.

Does anyone think a rebuilding team would take Raef LaFrentz and ALL our draft picks for their superstar?

I'm not talking Jason Kidd or Shaq type of deal here but a younger guy like Ron Artest? Just an example, I know most Portland fans wouldn't want him here because of his background although I think he would make a great addition to this team with his all around defensive skills and also the ability to score.

Maybe Josh Howard? I know he now has a background but he is also a good all around player who I think would meche well with this team and with guys like Jack, Roy, Oden, Przybilla and Nate McMillian in the lockerrom, I'm not so sure he wouldn't turn his life around or at least not affect the team with it.

Just some thoughts.
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