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Default Re: Who do we want in RETURN???

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen

I'm not talking Jason Kidd or Shaq type of deal here but a younger guy like Ron Artest? Just an example, I know most Portland fans wouldn't want him here because of his background although I think he would make a great addition to this team with his all around defensive skills and also the ability to score.

Maybe Josh Howard? I know he now has a background but he is also a good all around player who I think would meche well with this team and with guys like Jack, Roy, Oden, Przybilla and Nate McMillian in the lockerrom, I'm not so sure he wouldn't turn his life around or at least not affect the team with it.

Just some thoughts.

Artest - No, not going to happen because of the background thing. KP won't ever consider trading for Artest unless it is simply to buy out his contract Steve Francis style. We're not currently in a situation where we need to do something like that.

Josh Howard is more likely, but I don't see it happening because of his admitting to smoking Mary Jane. Most Blazer fans would be able to get over it if it weren't so recent, but the problem is that it was recent. Howard would be a great fit IF he could accept a role as a defensive stopper. He tends to want to be more offensive recently, and while his offense goes up, his defense goes down. That wouldn't be what we need.

Overall though, I do like the idea of trading the picks plus LaFrentz for a really good PG or SF as long as they are at least borderline all-stars and relatively youthful.
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