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Default Re: Who do we want in RETURN???

I think Oden will be solid on offense, just not superior.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how we could get that Frye + 13th for 4th and I'm struggling to figure a way around it salary wise. Salary wise draft picks don't count for anything, so thats the equivalent of trading $2.5 million for $0. Memphis has nobody around $2.5 that they would willingly give up without Portland adding some more pieces.

Here is the closest thing I can come up with but its a stretch that I'm not sure I'm even willing to make:

Portland receives:
Darko Milicic ($6.5 million)

Memphis receives:

With Frye leaving, Darko becomes Aldridge's backup, so even though I'm not high on Darko, it somewhat works. Like I said though, there isn't much options between us and Memphis to make Frye+13 for #4 work. Memphis though is pretty darn likely to end up elsewhere other than #4, so maybe if another team draws #4 we can have a better trade with them.
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